You Belong Here is the sixth episode of the second season and the 16th overall episode of For the People.

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Leonard takes on one of the country's best and most prolific litigators in a case that leads him to grapple with his personal feelings related to race and privilege in America. Back at the public defender's office, Jay takes on his first drug case, but things heat up when he has to work with a rather unconventional lawyer. Elsewhere, Sandra tries to prove she's not a workaholic and bonds with Ted over boxing to let off some much-needed steam.

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  • Jill Carlan
  • Roger Gunn
  • Allison Adams
  • Ted
  • Kate Littlejohn
  • Jay Simmons
  • Leonard Knox
  • Seth Oliver
  • Sandra Bell
  • Nicholas Byrne
  • Douglas Delap
  • Celia Chavez
  • Herbert Brooks
  • Randy Stanton
  • Patrick Ogoff
  • Debra O'Donnell
  • Rory Blinken
  • Philip Kaws
  • Rob Humphreville
  • Allyson Smith
  • Isaiah West
  • Theresa Wood
  • Jury Foreperson
  • Paralegal

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For The People 2x06 Promo "You Belong Here" (HD)

For The People 2x06 Promo "You Belong Here" (HD)

  • This episode scored 3.08 million viewers.
  • Title Drop: Kate tells Leonard he belongs after winning his case.


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