Sam Simmons is the father of Jay Simmons.


Jay's TrialEdit

When Jay told his father about him winning his trial, which included getting a white supremacist off, Sam told Jay about a relative of his mother's who was beaten and tortured into a confession for a bribe she never took. She had no lawyer and no trial. She was sentenced to three years in prison. He told Jay that he won a trial because he had a trial. ("Rahowa")

Kool & KleanEdit

Sam found out about an opportunity to invest in a company that makes water filters and sell their filters for three times what he paid for them. He was unable to sell the filters due to New York having exceptionally clean drinking water already, so he found himself in a bad financial situation. He started driving for Mobl to help make up the money. When his son confronted him about it and offered to help, he told his son it was his responsibility to fix it. ("Flippity-Flop")



He is married to Vera Simmons.


His son, Jay, is a lawyer.


He is a dry cleaner.

In Syria, he was an electrical engineer with two graduate degrees. He was unable to find work as an electrical engineer when he and his family relocated to the United States, which led to him opening a dry cleaning business. ("Flippity-Flop")



Episode StillsEdit


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