Melora Knox is the mother of Leonard Knox.


Visiting LeonardEdit

Senator Knox came to the office to have lunch with her son, Leonard. When he introduced her to his boss, Roger Gunn, she figured out that he was using her to win points at work. He said he just wanted to show Roger that he had power moves, but she told him calling his mother was never a power move. ("Rahowa")

Donor LunchEdit

Melora invited her son, Leonard, do a donor lunch to show him off. At the lunch, she made sure he made contact with all her major donors to schmooze. ("World's Greatest Judge")

Phil StollerEdit

When Melora learned that her son was looking into congressman Phil Stoller, she advised him to get himself off the case because it wouldn't be good for him. He later figured out it was because they shared donors and she didn't want an investigation into her own fundraising. ("World's Greatest Judge")

Leonard's Job OfferEdit

When the Solicitor General of Texas left his post, Melora was approached to offer names for possible replacements. She suggested her son, Leonard, which she revealed to him while they had lunch together. He later accepted the position. ("This is What I Wanted to Say")



Her son, Leonard, is a lawyer. She disapproved of him using her to try to get ahead in his work.


She is a U.S. Senator.




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