Madeline Locarno is a defendant accused of insider trading via her ex-husband.


When Madeline heard that the company she worked for was merging with another company, she told her ex-husband, believing she might be laid off, as often happens during mergers. Her ex-husband then used this information to buy stock that resulted in a profit of over $9,000. Believing she had willfully given her ex-husband that information with the intent that he'd profit from him, she was arrested and put on trial for insider trading. She told her defender, Allison Adams, that she had not received any financial benefit and her ex-husband had acted without her knowledge. Allison then filed a motion to dismiss the case, but they responded by adding additional charges to pressure her into a deal. Instead of accepting the deal, Allison informed the judge of what the prosecution had done. Judge Byrne dismissed the case.



She is divorced from a man named Eric.


She has a daughter.


She was an administrative assistant for Alaria Pharmaceuticals.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The exact value of the trade was $9325.54.
  • She was 44 at the time of her trial.
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