Erin Engel is a judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.


Anna LedesmaEdit

Erin Engel was the judge assigned to the case in which Anna Ledesma accused her landlord Mr. Carlyle of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act for failing to provide adequate mobility for her disabled son. The court found in favor of Anna. ("Rahowa")

Chloe DanielsEdit

Erin heard the case of Chloe Daniels, who was arrested for stabbing a postal worker in the neck. She was diagnosed with CTE and the prosecution agreed to a deferred prosecution for two years. ("The Library Fountain")

Freddie MorrisEdit

Erin heard the case of Freddie Morris, who was arrested for assault after breaking the collarbone of a man whom he believed was trying to kidnap a child. The child turned out to be the man's own child. She released him on a $5,000 bond on the condition of an 8 PM curfew and surrendering his superhero costume. When he made a deal to serve one month, she gave him a week to settle his affairs and report to jail for his sentence. ("Everybody's a Superhero")




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