Douglas Delap is the United States Attorney.


Opioid CrisisEdit

Douglas visited Roger's office to talk to him about how after three years of investigations, they still hadn't filed any charges against any doctors for overprescribing opioids. He said that Roger needed to file charges because it was a concern of the president. After Charles Rollins was arrested on charges that included overprescribing opioids among many others, he gave a press conference where he talked about the arrest. ("Rahowa")

Phil StollerEdit

Douglas asked his office to look into whether or not Phil Stoller had misused campaign funds to cover up and affair he'd had. Because Roger had attended Phil's wedding and had a conflict of interest, the case was assigned to Leonard. After Leonard did some digging, he decided not to press charges, believing he couldn't make the case. ("World's Greatest Judge")



He used to hold the same job at Roger and is often condescending toward him.


He's the United States Attorney. Before that, he was the Chief of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney.



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