Chloe Daniels is a woman arrested for attacking a postal worker.


Chloe was arrested when she stabbed a mailman in the neck with a letter opener. She said it was self-defense and as soon as she saw him bleeding, she called 911. Her case was taken by Jill Carlan, who then learned that Chloe actually hadn't been the one to call 911, but the doorman, and Chloe didn't even live in that building anymore. Jill then got a call from Chloe, who was confused and lost. Jill found her in a subway station, where a nearby man told her Chloe had tried to jump in front of a train. Jill took Chloe to a psychiatrist, who ran tests. The tests revealed nothing, which confused Jill. Despite Sandra, Allison, and Jay trying to convince her that maybe Chloe was just lying, Jill continued to search for answers. She met with Chloe, who said for the previous five years, she'd been told all kinds of things to explain her behavior, but the only thing that worked was a drug that made her feel nothing like herself. Her husband wanted her to stay on it, so her reluctance led to their divorce. When Jill learned that Chloe had been a cheerleader in college, she went to Alexander Cole, an expert in CTE, and had him examine Chloe. He diagnosed her with CTE and then testified at her trial because the diagnostic tool he used was not admissible in court because it was experimental. She got deferred prosecution for two years.



She was married to a man named Mitchell, but the CTE symptoms led to their divorce.


Her son stopped speaking to her after her CTE symptoms started.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was on the Dean's list in college.
  • She was the president of Gamma Delta Gamma.
  • She went abroad during her junior year, where she met Mitchell.
  • She started cheerleading when she was 14.
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