Celia Chavez is the AUSA who prosecuted Arturo Marquez.


Arturo MarquezEdit

Celia brought charges against Arturo Marquez for piracy after he used a gun to remove supplies from a relief ship after a hurricane. When Allison tried to get the charges dropped on jurisdictional grounds, Celia objected, saying New York was poised to keep the high seas safe from further acts of piracy. She later had Rafael Silva testify that Arturo sold him supplies at a significant markup after taking them from the ship. Despite this testimony and the evidence against him, the jury returned a not guilty verdict. ("Everybody's a Superhero")

Guy WatsonEdit

Celia prosecuted Guy Watson, who was being charged with bribery in a sporting event because it was believed that he threw a match to a lower-ranked player in order to help his coach win a bet against him. His coach had recently loaned him $20,000, which he said was to bail him out of debt. He said his ankle was injured and he'd wanted to forfeit, but since he was ranked so low, his coach believed Guy could still beat him. Jay and Celia worked out a deal for Guy to serve three months, but the plea wouldn't be entered until after he played in the U.S. Open, his dream. ("Have You Met Leonard Knox?")

Alice HuangEdit

Celia prosecuted Alice Huang, who was accused of giving data to the Chinese. Despite her attempts, Alice was found not guilty. ("This is What I Wanted to Say")


She's an assistant US attorney in the Southern District of New York.

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  • Her win rate is 98.7%.[1]



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