Anya Ooms is an ATF Agent.


Anya met with Seth and Kate along with her boss Deputy Director Ellis. After the meeting, she thanked Kate for taking their side over Seth's and asked her for her number in case anything else came up. She called Kate that night for advice on whether she had enough to arrest a suspect. Kate advised her that she didn't, that she'd need to get video of money changing hands or an order to kill on tape. With Kate's help, Anya set up a sting. She sent in Undercover Agent Pierce to get the request on camera. Anya and Kate waited in a nearby surveillance van. When a soccer mom approached, Anya was upset and had Pierce take a few steps away. They were shocked when the soccer mom started speaking to him and revealed that she was the suspect and wanted him to kill her daughter's abusive partner and bring her his head in a box. The woman was quickly arrested. Anya thanked Kate for her help and they shook hands.

Later that night, Anya called Kate again and asked her for advice on asking a woman at work to do something dangerous. They went to a shooting range, where they ultimately shared a kiss. ("Everybody's a Superhero")



Kate LittlejohnEdit

She had an immediately interest in Kate after they met. She went to Kate and asked for her number, which she used to get her help on a case. When more work came up, she asked Kate to go on a sting and tried to get to know her more. After the sting led to an arrest, Anya called Kate and invited her to go shooting at a gun range. After Kate fired several rounds, Anya turned her to face her. Then she leaned it to kiss her. When Kate pulled back, she started to apologize, but Kate leaned back in and kissed her. ("Everybody's a Superhero")

They continued to see each other and it progressed to Anya spending the night at Kate's place. She told Kate she really liked her, despite her weirdness. She then convinced Kate not to go in as early one morning in order to spend more time in bed with her. ("Extraordinary Circumstances")

They continued to see each other, taking turns throwing Kate's clock each morning to prolong their time together. ("This is What I Wanted to Say")


She's an ATF Agent.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She attended law school at the University of Chicago for two days.[1]
  • She spent three months hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.[2]
  • She has a masters in Criminology.[3]
  • She hates soccer moms.[4]



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